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Here we go again!

The dates for the next Scoots trip to Bansang have now been confirmed as 11th October – 12thNovember 2013. As usual the team will depart from Portsmouth for Santander for the four week adventure. As yet it is unknown how many participants there will be but interest is very high with inquiries being received daily.

The trip will once again be led by Dennis Robinson making his 5th overland trip to Gambia aboard the trusty C90s and it is hoped that some previous team members will also sign-up for another little ride…

On the 13th November, Dennis  will fly out to Gambia with Anita Smith for a two week trip to establish just how things are progressing at the Hospital and to work out an action plan for the next few months. Amongst the many tasks already on the schedule is a meeting with the Minister of Health and at a rather more down to earth level, a survey of the plumbing and an inspection of how the waste disposal operation using the incinerator is now working.  A holiday it certainly will not be, as having seen Anita in action at the hospital many times now, she is rather like Superstorm Sandy hitting town!