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It’s Good News Week!

Well, apart from the end of the world tonight!

Anita’s hospital appointment yesterday went without a hitch and I know you will all join with me in rejoicing that she doesn’t need any further surgery! Her next appointment is in January to set up the schedule for Radio Therapy which will run between 3 and 5 weeks and some medication which whilst quite long term, should not cause her to much of an inconvenience. So it’s Christmas as usual in the Smith household always providing the Mayans have it wrong for tonight. If they are right then it won’t make a lot of difference to any of us… as we won’t know much about it!!!!

Focus now is on January 22nd when I fly out to Gambia along with Dr Bella Noel and Jeanette & Chris to try to keep the projects on schedule for Anita. I for one can’t wait to get back as along with the work at the Hospital I am hoping I will be looking at a couple of compounds that Sulayman has found for me! It will also be my longest stay at Bansang at 3 weeks so should prove to be quite interesting on many levels.

Planning for next years Scoots trip are pushing ahead with the selection meeting on the 12 January looking as though it should be well attended. Interestingly, it looks as though the trip will benefit from the experience of some past participants from both 2010 and 2011 repeating the experience. I can’t divulge names yet as nobody (other than Jim Cunliffe) has given a definite commitment yet. So all looks set fair for a fantastic 2013.

Once I return from Bansang on 15th Feb I will be setting off back to Africa almost immediately to recce some new routes and hopefully different border crossings  to add a little more spice to the mix as well as smoothing our passage in a couple of places.

Dennis 21/12/12