48 Hours to go !

And chaos reigns ! One bike with a stripped sump plug; no restaurant wanting the business of 14 hungry bikers and their entourage for dinner;  Enough wooly hats turning up at the last minute to fill a 40ft container never mind a 6ft x 5ft trailer; cases and cooking pots somewhere in transit between Exeter and Pumpsaint.

So much left to do and so little time to do it.  Iain and I have worked out how to fit the 4 Scoots on top of the trailer, but it is going to be hellish high, lucky we have some nice strong bodies along to lift them up there!

One of the problems is a little unusual…in fact unique, in that everyone on the forthcoming trip has been just soooo active in in getting people involved that we have far more stuff to take out with us than we can possibly manage to fit in the trailer. So some is undoubtably going to have to be left behind for the next trip ! A great problem to have but a headache nonetheless.

Steve’s Ceildhe last weekend raised very nearly £1000 for the Appeal, and other donations are coming in steadily. So a million thanks to all of you wonderful people out there for your fantastic generosity. Keep it coming and we will get that new operating theatre sorted in short order. The difference this will all make out in the Bansang district is incalculable

So Saturday evening may well see us all cooking up dinner in the Travel Lodge carpark at Chichester… or of course heading off to the local Chippy!



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