And so it Begins !

With some of the team already on the long road south, the 2012 Scooters in the Sahara trip has well and truely kicked off. The backup truck and trailer is loaded and ready to roll. My scoot is looking something akin to the Star Ship Enterprise ! Adventure bikers…eat your heart out. These little C90’s are ready to kick ass!

This time tomorrow we’ll all be in our Travel Lodge, except poor ol’ Steve who has a sever dose of Man Flue and will be flying out to join us in Southern Spain on Wednesday. Up nice and early Sunday morning for the little ride to Portsmouth, then look out Spain here we come! 2 1/2 days later and we are in Morocco and the start of the trip proper. North Africa comes in like a bolt from the blue with sound, smell and sights that just take you breath away.

The next post is going to be dependant on finding Wi-Fi along the way, possible from on board the ferry!

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