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Scoots 2012 Mission Accomplished

The Scoots 2012 expedition has been successfully completed.  The team travelled through Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and then into Gambia to the Bansang Hospital.   There, various members of the team contributed to the hospital by providing dental services, plumbing and electrical services, remedial therapy for children and left their C90  Honda scooters for use by the hospital.  They also witnessed how previous scooters are being used in the field to collect blood and provide medicines and services to far lying villages and also visits to patients that need medical assistance in these areas.

A successful venture and life changing experience for the whole team.

We would like to thank all who have so generously contributed to this very worthwhile cause.  There is still plenty to be done and any future donations are greatly appreciated and needed.



Almost There ! Last Planning weekend about to start!

Yes, the last planning weekend really is just about to kick off at Ledbury this afternoon and it looks like being a really busy one. All the main stuff is in place. We all have our Visas for Mauritania, the ferry out and the flights home are all booked. The tinned and dried food is all nicely stored away. Everyone has their bikes running nicely, other than some last minute fettling and servicing.  Our backup truck is on the road and looking good, with Iain due to collect both roof rack and trailer on his way home after the meeting. So we are virtually there…..

Well, yes but… ! It’s now just all the silly little bits and pieces left to sort, the bits that can make or break the trip in terms of overall contentment within the group whilst on the road. I’ll be handing out check list of things that people may not think of or may forget, things like sun screen. In 40°C that makes a huge difference in comfort levels. Spare glasses for those that wear them, Insect repellant, etc, etc.

We also have the full route schedule now in place. Once the Visas had been obtained it left the door open for a much revised route down through Morocco and, weather permitting, we will be crossing the High Atlas mountains no less than three times. Although there is a contingency plan just in case the snow is too deep or the roads washed out !

Sunday morning then sees us getting a film making Master class from a top TV Director/Producer, John Hunter, to help prevent us making the same mistakes that were made filming last years trip. John has also very kindly offered to assist with the post-trip editing to help ensure that this year’s DVD will be as professional as possible. We have a plethora of cameras already but I’m sure a few more will join our armoury after the weekend.

The next four weeks will simply fly by for all the team, there are a number of events organized at different ends of the country that team members will be attending. I’ve still got a fair bit of work to do on the web site, including setting up a Scoots forum so that we can all keep in touch with each other, family, friends and other interested people. Then it’s look out Bansang, we are on our way.

We will try to update this page as we go along, but please keep in mind that there are sections where firstly there is little internet access and secondly other areas where we wouldn’ want to be too specific on our location !

Four weeks to go

Third and last meeting coming up next weekend; That will leave us just four weeks till departure! It’s quite incredable just how quick the time has gone since the first ever get-together with the potential team members at the Horizons, Autumn meeting. Plans are are however, well on schedule. We now have our backup vehicle sourced by Iain with assistance from Mark, a Mitsi Pajero + uprated 3/4 ton Ex Army trailer. Yesterday Sue & Belle went shopping and purchased all the tinned and dry food we will be carrying. Tents, Jerry cans, water containers, Camp kitchen, cooker and many other items are making my place look a little like an Aid Warehouse; and Belle is back off to Begium on Monday to collect the last batch of Visas. Steve has picked up the first of the spare parts, donated by Tony @ Riders of Yeovil suppliers of the Chinese bikes and hopefully next week Peter will be collecting a whole load more spares from Ken up in Sunderland. The Cool Boxes kindly donated once again by Tina and David @ The Cool IceBox Company down in South Moulton, Devon should be with in a week or two. Belle & Will are also well advanced with the plans for filming the trip assisted by no less than Claudio, who filmed The Long Way Round! Hopefully the TEAM can put something together that really shows the spirt of the trip this time around.    I don’t think there is a single member of the team that isn’t as excited as I am about the forthcoming departure and already we have quite a few people saying they will be turning up at Portsmouth for our departure. If any more want to come down, we will be staying at the Travel Lodge, Emsworth on Saturday night and leaving for the ride down to Portsmouth at 8.30am. Boarding of the Ferry will comence at 10am for an 11am departure. It would be wonderful to have a convoy of bike riding down to the ferry with us, or just meeting us at the entrance to the terminal. Please bring cameras, video and stills so that it can be added to the DVD All are very welcome, although stress levels may be raised just a little !

Food for the trip

Tomorrow, two of the team will buy all the food for the trip, at least we will eat!

Last training weekend

We have our last training weekend at the beginning of February to tie up all the loose ends.   We have a good team this year and everyone is excited about the challenge ahead.

News update


Back up truck

Very happy with back up truck for forthcoming trip in March, we have managed to get a Mitsubishi Pajero in very good condition, just awaiting the trailer now