Bring it on !

That’s meeting number three well and truly done and dusted. I think everyone went away happy but thoughtful. As usual we had a lot of ground to cover but cover it we certainly did. The whole team is getting anxious to be on the road, but whilst the next three weeks are going to drag for some, they are likely to pass in a mad blur for me as I head off to London tomorrow to collect the visas for Mauritania and then fly out to Madrid to check out that the newly instigated visas for Senegal are going to be forthcoming…

I think Jon may be fairly busy too as he preps the Pajaero and trailer for it’s second round trip to Bansang. If it runs as well as it did last year I for one will have no complaints. Our chef, Andy was busy trying out his recipes on us Friday night and if that is the quality of food being served up en-route I’m sure everyone will be very happy; I can’t see us losing much weight this time around! One team member not quite so happy was Chris, with a second engine disintegrating on him on the run across from Leicester! It appears that they have both suffered the same problem; lack of oil. However the oil had been right up to the mark when he left Leicester about 150 miles earlier. The strange thing is that it is seemingly exactly the same issue I had with the first Chinese engine last year; Most odd!

With a little over three weeks left before departure thoughts are now turning from preparation to the reality of the trip we are about to undertake. 4000 miles on a 90cc motorbike really is quite an epic journey. It is not only physically tough but also mentally challenging; testing both riders and machinery almost to their limits. One thing is certain, nobody comes back from the experience unchanged !!!

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