Our Route from the Med to Bansang

Click on the link below to bring up a basic map of our route through Africa.

Our route through Africa

Starting from the new Tangier Med port, we first meander through Morocco for a couple of days before tackling the barren war zone that is Western Sahara, it’s then across what is reputedly the largest minefield in the world into Mauritania. Here we hit the Sahara proper as we ride through the dunes and at times, right along the beach, for about 300 miles. Next it’s the vibrant chaos that is Senegal before hopping across our last border into Gambia. Turn left, and ride a further 100 miles deep into the bush, across one of the tiniest car ferries you will ever have seen on to Mcarthy Island. Off the othe side, over a brand new bridge and you’re just about at Bansang.  Total distance ridden from home will be just shy of 4000 miles


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