Overland & Adventure Travel Bike Day at the ACE !

A snappy little title, but sure to be a fantastic day out for all you travellers and wannabe’s. I’m sure Sam Manicon will be in attendance along with many other prominent travellers/authors. The Scooters in the Sahara Project will be well represented with Belle, Gordon and Nadine waving the flag (well 3 of them actually !) It all kicks off at 9am !

Slimbo (aka Graham) from Biker FM will also be in attendance picking up all the latest news and gossip for his wednesday night show. 10pm till Midnight at http://bikerfm.co.uk/ 

This coming wednesday Dennis will be live from the studio in Swansea ( Slimbo’s Den !) giving an update on the latest news from the forthcoming trip to Gambia and spilling the beans on the rest of the team  as only Old Grumpy can !

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