The Media Frenzy Continues

With only 10 days to go, our media team are all still hard at it. Belle, Gordon and Nadine were flying the flag (literally) at the Ace last Sunday. Mark is on  BBC radio Lincolnshire 10:10 Friday, Dennis is on Biker FM at 10pm tonight with both of them also likely to pop up on regional TV news over the next week.

I think it’s true to say that for most of the team, emotions are running high and fluctuating between excitement, blind panic and Oh My God, Why am I doing this ! Most were in fact ready to roll some weeks ago with just last minute checking and changes to kit being made. I often think that too much preparation for a trip can be as bad as too little, as one tends to lose the focus of just what is (and isn’t) important. It doesn’t matter how far you are going or how you are doing it, if it’s out of your normal comfort zone emotions are bound to run high.

For my own part, I must have checked all the paperwork and re-filed it about 50 times and I can’t remember when I last had a good, full night’s sleep! And it’s not as though I’ve never done it before either, as this will be my fourth trip and so it should all run like clockwork…but it won’t. Something always comes up and bites your arse just when you least expect it.

Roll on the 3rd March when I lock my front door and head off into the (relative) unknown




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